Museus deMoura

Municipal Museum

The first attempt to stablish a museum in Moura goes back to 1884, date in wich a group of Moura inhabitants gathered importante archaeological findings and showed the will to preserve them and exhibit them to the public.

However, it was only in 1915 that this decision became effective, accomplishing the ambition of those and other inhabitants of Moura, and the library-museum was built, divided in prehistory, Roman age and Portuguese ethnography sections.

This desire to compile the archaeological gatherings of the municipality in a space that could be visited, was instigated over the years by persons such as Dr. Fragoso de Lima or Mr. João da Mouca, scholars of local history and busy “gatherers” of pieces that were added to the previous collection.

In 1993 the municipality of Moura decided that the collection of archaeological gatherings that it possessed was relevant enough to deserve a space of its own. In the same year, the museum no longer shared space with the municipal library and was transferred to a building known as “mouse house”, a joint barn.

It has a permanente exhibition where people can appreciate a great variety of archaeological materials.