Museus deMoura

Olive Oil Museum - Oil-press of varas do fojo

With the classification of “public interest real estate”, the oil-press of varas de fojo, as it is named, is an evolution of the roman system of olive oil production. The real estate was registered in 1810 and the press worked until 1941. This oil-press is a faithful testimony of olive oil manufacturing without the use of machines, maintaining traditions and having pure animal strength as sole thrust. Its authenticity and state of preservation renders it a rare example within the Iberian Peninsula. Conscious of the need to preserve these items to maintain an ancient tradition, the municipality of Moura, after the press was restored by the Portuguese Institute for architectural heritage, opened it to visitors, wich will allow future generations to learn about the ancient olive oil production techniques, at the same time safeguarding their own sociocultural identity. Only by diffusing and visiting our patrimony can we perpetrate a heritage that is common to all of us.