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Alberto Gordillo Museum – Contemporary jewellery

The Alberto Gordillo Museum is located in a nineteenth century building that was originally a factory of medicinal salts.

In this museum, with its 226 exhibits, outstanding among which are 12 bronze sculptures, is a solid reality that follows the brilliant career of a man that dared to seek new horizons and open new, unimaginable perspectives in a field that was until then the domain of the elite.

Alberto Gordillo is a pioneer in the field of jewellery, an artist of the vanguard and developed specific processes from the world of sculpture (casting, polishing, lost wax), for the first time backed up with the use of industrial machinery (casting and polishing machines, electric kilns, lost wax casting centrefuges, grinders).

Gordillo made the platinum and diamond Web necklace, a work of haute bijoux exhibited in 1976 at the London Diamond Fair.